Ducati can be bought at the price of This electric off-road bike

Feb 05 2018 08:29 AM
Ducati can be bought at the price of This electric off-road bike

Sweden's Motorcycle Manufacturing Company cake has recently introduced an electric motorcycle. Its name is Kalk and it is an electric off-road motorcycle. Kalk is a high-performance low-weight e-motorbike that is designed for off-roading. It shows the electric future of bike engagement and weighing only 70 kg. The company has installed a 2.6 kiva lithium ion battery in it, which has the capacity to generate 20 bhp power and once this charge can be operated up to 80 kms.

The top speed of Kalk is 80 km / h of the top speed of the bike, and this motor has the capacity to generate 42 Nm torque. The Kalk has given the Ohlins suspension in this electric motorcycle and in the next section 384mm upside down fork has been given 204 mm travel-adjustable high-speed compression. Along with this, low-speed compression has been given for low-speed rebounds. The company has also given the Ohlin suspension in the back of the bike, which is equipped with 7-step rebound adjustment and 16-step low-speed compression.

The Kalk is fully designed by the company, which includes Axel, Hubs, Sprouts and Tires. Kalk has given 3 riding modes with the bike, the first of which is the name of the modus is known. The price of this bike is so that at the same cost you can buy bikes of many brands like Harley Davidson and Ducati. Discover riding mode is for bike drivers who have done very little off-roading, so that the maximum speed of the motorcycle is limited to 45 km / h. The second mode given in the bike is the Explore mode, in which it is convenient to take long distance and go on trial. The third is the accredited mode in which the bike can run on the maximum speed.

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