Home Ministry monitoring lockdown-4, new guidelines issue regarding rules

May 21 2020 10:23 AM
Home Ministry monitoring lockdown-4, new guidelines issue regarding rules

To deal with the Corona crisis, the Ministry of Home Affairs is monitoring the implementation of Lockdown-4 with the states. In this phase of the lockdown issued till 31 May, only limited public functions are banned. On the other hand, the government has soon decided to start a helpline number to register workers' complaints at the all-India level.

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In his statement, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Punya Salila Srivastava said that the lockdown has been extended till 31 May in the interest of the people. New instructions have been issued for this and only a limited number of works have been banned. Only limited services will be allowed in the Containment Zone. For this, the State and Union Territory Governments have issued instructions. The government is determining the red, green, orange, buffer and containment zones as per the advice of the Health Ministry.

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Tthe Department of Telecommunications said, 'Short code 14445 has been allocated for the office of the Chief Labor Commissioner (Central). This will be the national helpline number. Complaints of migrant workers will be registered on this, help will also be provided to the workers trapped in the disaster. This helpline number will be controlled from Delhi and will be connected to all the regional control centers. It will be mandatory for all telecom companies to provide service at this number.'

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