Kookaburra ball will be used soon in Cricket
Kookaburra ball will be used soon in Cricket

Cricket Australia has decided that they will not use the Duke ball in the Sheffield Shield this summer and will use the Kookaburra ball. This is seen as a move to make the spinners back in the match.

From the season 2016-17 onwards, Duke ball was used in matches after Christmas so that bowlers can prepare to play in England conditions where Duke ball is used. In domestic cricket, however, some people complained that Duke ball helps the fast bowlers and this causes damage to the spinners.

The website ESPN Cricut Info quoted Australia's Head of Cricket Operation Peter Roach as saying, "The use of the Duke ball was an experiment, especially to prepare for the Ashes as the Duke ball is used in England." He said, "We are very happy with the way the ball was used in Australia. But we feel that using the same ball for the 2020-21 season will help our players to test. The use of Kookaburra ball in Australia and Happens in international cricket in many parts of the world. We want a spinner in first-class cricket and we want our batsmen to face the spinner. We hope that the change in the ball will have a positive effect," he said.

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