Dulquer Salmaan got his first cheque at the age 10, This is not some nepotism…

One of the most awaited movies of the year Chup: The Revenge of the aritist hit the screen. The movie stars Dulquer Salmaan and Sunny Deol in lead roles. Dulquer in a recent interview recalled when he got a first cheque but claimed that there is no role of his father south star Mammootty in it.

Dulquer said, "I was 10 years old. This has nothing to do with my dad, this is not some nepotism advantage. I was randomly picked by Mr Rajiv Menon's ad agency. They came to my school to pick kids for a TVC and I was one of those who got picked. They gave me ₹ 2,000 for that."

He further added, "It was like unheard of money, like it was 2 crore of something. I was like 10 or 9 years old. I gave ₹ 500 to my grandparents and rest to my mother. And then I used to keep being like that 'Maa that ₹ 2,000 I have no, can I buy this.' So then my mom is like 'you finished that ₹ 2,000 long ago.' She still talks about this."

In an interview he also said that he had been working in Dubai in a construction company despite coming from a film family and having an interest in acting. He said, "I thought I would not make it. Nobody will want to watch me. I thought I couldn't act, I used to be petrified of the stage and the camera. Not for anything, but this constant sort of self-doubt and fear of comparison to my father. So I thought I would steer completely off."

Chup: Revenge of The Artist tells the story of a disgruntled artiste, who turns into a serial killer after his work is singularly panned by the critics. The artiste in the film goes on a killing spree as he murders the critics and as a signature, leaves a 'star' mark on their bodies resembling the numbers of stars that critics often give to films or shows.

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