Durand line conflict may rage Pakistan-Afghanistan relations
Durand line conflict may rage Pakistan-Afghanistan relations

ISLAMABAD: When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan after Western forces withdrew and Ashraf Ghani fled Kabul, Pakistan's historical relationship with the Taliban was repeatedly blamed as one of the primary driving causes for the Taliban takeover, which stunned the world.

Many people still feel that Pakistan's covert support for the Taliban prepared the way for the Taliban to assume control of Afghanistan, and that the Taliban win was a triumph for Islamabad.

However, recent incidents in which Taliban border security fighters prevented Pakistani authorities from erecting fences along the Durand line, a 2,670 km long international border between Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and China, followed by Taliban fighters uprooting the fence along the Pak-Afghan border, have changed the perspective of those who saw the Taliban's success in Afghanistan as Pakistan's benefit.

It is not unreasonable to believe that the Duran line, a rocky and unexplored border between the two countries, will become a major source of contention, maybe leading to a dramatic clash between the two countries.

Pakistan claims that border fencing is critical to the country's border security and national interest because it will assist prevent terrorists from entering the country through Afghanistan and carrying out attacks.

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