During road rage punched, into car glasses, dead

Jun 13 2019 08:05 PM
During road rage punched, into car glasses, dead

New Delhi: A roadrage case has once again been reported from the city in which one person died. He is said to have died due to an injury caused by a punching on the glass of the car during the roadrage.

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Perform such a given incident

According to information received, the Roadrage incident in Samanpur Badli occurred Tuesday and the body of the deceased was handed over to his family after a post-mortem on Wednesday. The deceased has been identified as Harvinder. Harvinder with his family, Badli lived in the village, with a wife and children. He also has a shop.


Death caused by nerve

At the same, a police officer said that Harvinder had gone to Rohini with his friend on Tuesday night. Both of them got drunk there. Then the two raced to the House by bike. On the way, his bike was joined by a car. This was a quarrel with the Harvinder car driver. Not only was he drunk, he punched the car loudly. He suffered serious injuries due to a punch on the glass. He was cut to the nerve of his hand. Police said that because he was drunk with alcohol, his blood started flowing fast and he fainted there. He was admitted to the hospital in the facial. But by then, he died in hospital Wednesday morning due to the blood being more washed away.

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