Big Shock To Shein, Club Factory As Import Of Goods As Gifts Barred

Dec 13 2019 04:38 PM
Big Shock To Shein, Club Factory As Import Of Goods As Gifts Barred

Now no goods other than life saving medicines and rakhi can be purchased from abroad through e-commerce as a gift. The Government of India has issued an order prohibiting all such imports. A notification in this regard has been issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade on Thursday. According to sources in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India, many types of goods were being imported as e-commerce platforms in the country. This was not only affecting the sale of domestic products, but the government was also losing revenue.

All these goods which came as gifts were free from import duty. The Government of India had long been considering restricting imports such as gifts. According to the notification, now goods can be imported through e-commerce by paying only duty. With this, life-saving medicines can be disposed of for people living abroad with severe illness.

With this move of the Government of India, companies like Club Factory, Wish and Shein can no longer send goods to customers as gifts in India. Chinese e-commerce vendors used to send commercial shipments as gifts without paying duty.

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