Earthquake of 5.5-magnitude hits China's Yunnan, 30 injured so far

BEIJING: 30 persons injured after 5.5-magnitude earth quake hits China's Yunnan: “A 5.5-magnitude earthquake struck Ninglang County in China's Yunnan region two days, injuring at least 30 people”, according to local authorities.

According to the county government, all of the injured are being treated and are being monitored, and none of them have life-threatening injuries. According to Xinhua news agency, the earthquake affected a total of 26,797 people in four towns. In the quake-affected areas, power, transportation, and telecommunication services have all been restored to a significant extent.

The epicentre was around 60 kilometres from the county seat of Ninglang in the city of Lijiang and 110 kilometres from Lijiang's Old Town. According to the China Earthquake Networks, the earthquake hit at a depth of 10 kilometres.

30 injured after 5.5-magnitude quake jolts China's Yunnan

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