Easily made in the rainy season like aloo tikki chaat

Monsoon has arrived and rains have started in many States. In such a situation, in this season, people like to eat street food because it is wonderful and excellent. If you are also fond of street food then you can make some things at home as well. Now today we are going to tell you how you can make aloo tikki chaat. This aloo tikki chaat can be easily made and you will enjoy eating it. I know how to make aloo tikki chaat.

Ingredients for making aloo tikki chaat-
4 potatoes
3/4 cup yogurt
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp red chilli powder
1 tbsp coriander leaves
1/2 cup saline sev
1 tbsp green chutney
Salt to taste
Water according to the need.
Method of making aloo tikki chaat - Add potatoes and water to a pressure cooker in medium heat and boil them in 4-5 seats. Now, then cool the potatoes and peel them off. After this, you grind the potatoes in small pieces and put them in the plate and then mash them and make round tikkis. Now put this tikki on the griddle and bake it. At the same time, strain the curd well in the second bowl. Now put curd and green chutney on the potato tikki. After this sprinkle salt, red chilli powder, cumin powder, chaat masala from the top. Take curd aloo chaat ready. Add green coriander and salted sev on them and serve.  Everyone will like it in the rainy season.

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