Easy food recipes every millennial should know

Dec 03 2020 07:00 PM
Easy food recipes every millennial should know

Millennials are surely changing the way we eat. We love to have well-presented dishes and now has become the trend lately. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter if it’s an elaborate dish or just a simple one presentation is a big thing that matters.

Millennials usually prefer trendy foods or elaborate buffet spreads, here are some 

Avocado Toast

 A simple yet aesthetically pleasing breakfast is mashed avocado on crispy toast with some drizzle of salt and pepper and the dish is ready to be served. For a more presentable plate, sour cream, almonds and nuts work for a sumptuous breakfast. 


Beautiful fluffy pancakes with chocolate and maple syrup can definitely make you drool. It is something that fills the hunger which is also aesthetically pleasing. Pre-made pancake batters are the easiest to make.

Mason jar salad

Fun, portable and healthy, the mason jar salad is perfect for the millennials on the go. If you haven’t had the time to cook lunch, mason jar salad is a perfect fix for your cravings. 

Smoothie bowls

It is not only eye-pleasing bowls filled with tasty food ingredients but also nutritious with loads of nuts and seeds. You can customise it with your favourite fruits and vegetables for a great tasty treat.

Home-made granola bars

Home-made granola bar easy to carry and a perfect snack at college or work. You can customise it according to your preferences by adding your favourite ingredients. 


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