Easy recipe to make Sabudana tikki at home

Jan 29 2019 09:17 AM
Easy recipe to make Sabudana tikki at home

Sabudana tikki ia delicious and crispy snack for the festive season .so, lets know the recipe of this tasty and festive dish. 


125 Gram Sabudana, 130 Gram Potato, 5 Gram Green chilli, chopped, 3 Gram Cashews, chopped, 3 Gram Cumin powder, 3 Gram Dry mango powder, 2 Gram Sendha namak and 300 Ml Oil.


1.first of  all, Soak the sabudana for overnight and drain the next day.

2.ThenBoil the potatoes and mash them. Mix in the sabudana pearls and add green chilli, cashew nuts, cumin powder along with dry mango powder and sendha namak.

3Now make small equal size patties out of the mixture and fry until golden brown in hot oil. Your sabudana tikki is ready.  Serve it with mint chutney.

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