Eat Aloo Ke Namak Pare with tea know how to make it

If you like to eat snacks then you would love to eat snacks with tea too. By the way, if you eat something or the other with tea, then you can make Aloo Ke Namak Pare. It is easy to make and the one who eats it will only keep praising it. Let us know how Aloo Ke Namak Pare can be made.

Ingredients for making Aloo Ke Namak Pare-
boiled potatoes
oil for frying
Fine flour
fine semolina
Gram Flour
Crushed Ajwain
salt to taste
chilli powder

Method of making Potato Namak Pare- First of all take a big vessel, add refined flour, fine semolina, gram flour, crushed carom seeds, salt as per taste, red chili powder. Now mix all the dry ingredients using hands. After this you add oil to it and mix well with all the other ingredients. Keep in mind, mix it until the dough starts to bind and comes in shape. Now you do not need water to knead this dough.

You use boiled and grated potatoes. Slowly add it to the flour and mix using your hand until you get a solid dough. Now grease the dough with some oil and let it rest for 5 minutes. After this divide the dough into two parts and roll the dough till it is of medium thickness. Now cut strips of medium thickness. And then make the sep of your choice. After this, fry the namak pare on low-medium flame. Now let it cool down, then serve. Lastly store in an air-tight container and eat whenever you want with tea.

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