Ginger Pak to protect against cough and seasonal flu, AYUSH ministry shares recipe

Ginger is used in every household in winter. However, it is very good for health. You must be aware that ginger is used to enhance the taste of all vegetables and tea. Many people use dry ginger powder to make winter laddoos. Not only this but ginger juice is also taken as a home remedy during seasonal health problems like cold, nippy and cough. This is because ginger contains many medicinal ingredients.

Now, amidst all this, the Ayush Ministry Of India has also explained the special way to eat ginger to avoid seasonal diseases like cough and seasonal flu. In fact, recently, the Social Media Page of the Ministry of AYUSH has advised to make ginger pak, ginger barfi and eat them. They have also shared the ingredients for making it explaining its other benefits. It has also been advised to take some precautions. You can see that the things that are required to make ginger barfi mentioned by the Ministry of AYUSH are as follows... 'Jaggery, ginger, sonth powder, ghee, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf, nagkesar, pepper, coriander powder, vidanga, cumin, and pippali.'

On the other hand, the Ministry has described ginger pak as very tasty and solves many problems. In fact, eating improves digestion and increases appetite. Apart from cold, and cough, barfi also works very well to relieve problems like sore throat and aching throat. You must know that ginger Taseer is very hot, so it is very important to be a little careful to eat it, otherwise, your health may be damaged.

In fact, some suggestions have also been made by the Ministry to eat this barfi. It advises ginger pak not to eat on an empty stomach and should not be eaten during acid peptic disorder.

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