Eating frequently may possess negative impact on health: Study

Feb 07 2019 10:10 PM
Eating frequently may possess negative impact on  health: Study

People eats frequently in order to increase the weight or to enjoy the deliicous food but it can negatively to our health. According to a new study suggests that eating out frequently may increase the total levels of potentially health-harming chemicals called phthalates in the body, especially to pregnant women and children.

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Senior author Ami Zota, Assistant Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health at Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University said, This study suggests food prepared at home is less likely to contain high levels of 'phthalates', chemicals linked to fertility problems, pregnancy complications and other health issues,"

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The research team used data from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) collected between 2005 and 2014 for the study. In The study it is found that sandwiches consumed at fast food outlets, restaurants or cafeterias were associated with 30 percent higher phthalate levels in all age groups. Researchers also found the association between phthalate exposure and dining out was significant for all age groups but the magnitude of association was highest for teenagers. As per reseach, Pregnant women, children and teens are more vulnerable to the toxic effects of hormone-disrupting chemicals.


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