Eating these food items in Navratri can be auspicious for you

Oct 15 2018 08:46 AM
Eating these food items in Navratri can be auspicious for you

All of you are aware that Navaratri has started, in this way, Hinduism has its highest honor and Hindu people keep fasting in Navratri and worship the Mata Rani and try to please them. All the wishes are fulfilled and they can find what they want. In this way in Navratri there are many such things for which everyone says a big 'No' like the food and drinks , which often we eat in common time every day. Now, today we will tell you about some of the same items which are considered to be the auspicious food in Navratri, and the fast of Navratri never breaks.

So, let's know what is that thing. According to the Navratri fast, it is said that only the food like falhar items to be eat. Yes, in Navratri fast, garlic, onion or any spicy thing should never be eaten because it breaks fast.

All of you can be consumed sabudana khichadi, dry fruits, fruits without oil or onion, etc during this fasting. Nothing besides this, otherwise your fasting becomes useless. Now, take this matter in your mind, or else if you eat something besides these then it is possible to break the fast.

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