eCommerce Mentor & Entrepreneur Moonis Ali shares his view on why rediscovering interests is necessary
eCommerce Mentor & Entrepreneur Moonis Ali shares his view on why rediscovering interests is necessary

Moonis always believed that we should rediscover ourselves with the ever-changing environment and attain satisfaction in whichever path we are travelling. So it’s important to rediscover interests & revisit goals at different stages in life. Self-discovery is the key to success. In this busy urban lifestyle, we often miss doing that! 

As an entrepreneur, your ultimate goal is to take your business idea towards success which cannot happen overnight. There is no end to learning in the entrepreneurial business. Every industry keeps on changing and growing with time. “To match up with the pace and survival in the industry, it is important that we focus on continued learning” says Moonis Ali. All of us, at some point of time in life, would look back to think if we are doing what we really wanted to!

Moonis Ali is a computer science engineer with MBA in IT & Marketing. He is the best trainer in India with vast experience and proven results. He trained 1000s of students in becoming successful online millionaires, thus gaining financial independence.Moonis Ali is giving India a new breed of digital entrepreneurs, by motivating, training & guiding young business enthusiasts across India with a belief that one should constantly discover & learn. 

Moonis strongly voices out that Mindset is the key to success. A strong belief that nothing can stop you from achieving you goals will add up to your strengths and efforts. He says, “Just like how one can’t get them perfect’ body with 6 pack abs over night, none can build empires in a day. It is important to be patient & have consistency in thought alongside your perseverance. It is unlikely to launch your first ad and make money immediately. 

Moonis has trained thousands of students in becoming online millionares with his eCommerce expertise and he is on a mission to ensure 1000 of his students turn millionaries. With his success talking in numbers, as a Keynote speaker Moonis has spoken at a number of events at multiple places Like IIM Indore, All India Affiliate Summit, Online Millionaire Summit, DAVV, Aisect University and others.

Moonis did not want his students to face challenges due to lacking of right mentor at the right time. He believes that we all deserves financial freedom and there are very few people and institutes that talk about Financial Freedom which is why. He decided to tune students & their energies into the right path, helping them earn financial freedom in just few days of perusing his training.

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