MP: Government will bring the economy back on track

Bhopal: The economy has been affected deeply due to the lockdown. The government is now focusing more on rural areas to bring the collapsed economy back on track. In the last two months, the tax revenue system has severely collapsed due to the collapse of the business. To handle this, it is necessary to increase purchasing power. In view of this, more than 25 thousand crore rupees have been transferred to the villagers.

The Panch has now been given the right to ensure that the labourers do not have trouble in getting work so that they too can get the labourers to work. Till now, if a villager needed work in the MNREGA, he applied to the village head (sarpanch). There were often complaints of nepotism regarding getting work. Not only this but now the option of the call centre has also been opened. Work can also be demanded by this.

Due to the lockdown, the state government first started the purchase of wheat to promote stalled economic activities. So far, 22 thousand crore rupees have been transferred to the farmers by purchasing 124 lakh metric tonnes of wheat. Apart from two thousand 990 crore rupees of crop insurance, wages of more than one and a half thousand crore rupees have been paid through MNREGA. More than 24 lakh 62 thousand labourers are working in the state right now. 

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