Edible Robots: Amazing work of scientists, they have made such a robot that you can even eat it
Edible Robots: Amazing work of scientists, they have made such a robot that you can even eat it

You may have seen many science fiction movies where robots take over the world. But what if you could eat them? Clearly, reading this, you might be scratching your head, wondering what we're talking about. In fact, very soon, a group of scientists could make this a reality with completely edible robots.

According to reports, scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne are hard at work in this direction. This team includes experts from Wageningen University, Bristol University, the Italian Institute of Technology, and several places in the Netherlands. The goal of this project, named 'RoboFood,' is to create robots from food materials that can not only provide nutrition but also prove effective in various humanitarian missions.

The objective of the scientists under the 'RoboFood' project is to replace mechanical components with edible options. For example, rubber can be replaced with gelatin, foam with rice cookies, and chocolate can be used to protect against moisture.

One of the first successful projects of the scientists is an edible drone, according to reports. This drone is made from rice cakes, oil, and chocolate. Up to 50% of it can be eaten. It can be used in rescue missions, where lost individuals or animals can eat the edible parts of the drone.

Additionally, 'RoboFood' has some other interesting ideas. They have mentioned the idea of delivering pizza by drone on their website, where you can also enjoy the drone as a dessert. Of course, this might not be economical, but who knows what the future holds for edible robots?

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