Follow these home remedies to get rid of itchy scalp

Jul 29 2020 06:21 PM
Follow these home remedies to get rid of itchy scalp

The weather is moving from summer to rain and it directly affects our body. The risk of diseases also increases with the changing season. Skin and hair also have to face many problems. Dandruff is one of them, due to which we have problem of itching in the head. Today we will tell you how to get rid of it by using domestic things.

Lemon is the best treatment to get rid of itching in the head. For this, mix one small spoon of lemon juice in one cup of water and apply it to the hair for ten to fifteen minutes. After this wash the hair thoroughly with cold water. Do this twice a week. You will get rid of itching problem in a few days.

Castor oil
Mix one spoon castor oil, one spoon coconut, and one spoon mustard oil and massage it well in your hair. Allow this oil to remain in your hair overnight. In the morning wash your hair with normal water.

You can also use fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds to get rid of the itching problem. For this, make fenugreek seeds and mustard paste and apply it on the hair for 20 minutes and after that wash it thoroughly with normal water.

Baking soda
Prepare the paste by mixing a little water in two spoon baking soda. Apply this paste lightly on the hair for fifteen to twenty minutes. After this wash the hair.

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