Effective ways to maximize family time at home

Dec 01 2020 05:56 PM
Effective ways to maximize family time at home

In today's time, parents are busy with work and managing future things which makes them less time spend with their children and vice versa. As parents, you get caught up with work and a hectic lifestyle, whereas kids tend to take advantage of this situation and spend time watching television, surfing the internet, or scrolling endlessly on social media. Spending time with technology isn't bad but then later things can get worse. This can affect a child’s emotional and mental well being.

So as parents it is important to take out time from their busy schedule and devote it to their children by listening to their needs and giving them attention. It is all about striking the right balance between work and family. 

Do chores together

Apply a teamwork strategy at home wherein each member of the house is equally involved in doing the daily house chores.  

Have one meal together

In an entire day, you can choose to have one meal together as a family and discuss the matters of the day. It could be dinner post work as you can unwind after a tiring day with your kids. 

Have a strict no phones policy during meals

During meals, have a strict no phones policy. They will be more interested in having a conversation with you rather than texting online. 

Do yoga

Fix a time, either early in the morning or early evening, and perform yoga with your kids. It will keep them away from electronics. 

Help them with homework

If your kids go to school, then help them with their homework and ask them questions about school life and routine. 

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