Egyptian Actor turned Entrepreneur Anas Mamdouh is about to enter Bollywood.

May 26 2020 07:02 PM
Egyptian Actor turned Entrepreneur Anas Mamdouh is about to enter Bollywood.

In a staggering claim, Anas Mamdouh has said that he wants to take up a career in Bollywood, alongside his company 'Salesforce'. The Actor Said that he won't shy away from taking the risk of going for a career in Bollywood.

Anas who is a well known Business personality in Egypt started his career as the Director of Digital Marketing of various companies in Egypt. Anas is a well known actor in Egypt and he also seek to be a part of Bollywood now.

The Bollywood film industry has long been plagued by overt stereotyping and lack of balanced representation of Arabs and Muslims. Speaking to the media, Anas expressed his excitement about performing with Indian Artists and talked about his efforts to portray his best in Acting in the best way. 

"I am prepared and excited for this… I just felt I wanted to do it from the start. I felt like I wanted to have the whole experience as an Actor in Bollywood," he told to the News Track Team .

Mamdouh who is also a fan of Veteran Actor 'Omar Sharif' When asked about the late Omar Sharif, said he had befriended the legendary Egyptian actor prior to his death and the latter offered him some guidance.

"I told him I wanted to do characters away from stereotypes. He told me what I should do and what I shouldn't do from his own experience," said Anas, adding that he hopes to build bridges between Bollywood and the Middle East".

The 24-year-old graduated from high school in Cairo. After becoming a businessman, he pursued his passion for acting and partook in several Egyptian films and TV series. 

Apart from local productions, Anas has performed in several Egyptian and European films.

He has thus earned numerous regional and international awards, including the Best Actor awards from the Monaco International Film Festival and the Arab Film Festival in California.

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