Eijaz Kahn reacts to Paras Chabbra's comment on Pavitra Punia
Eijaz Kahn reacts to Paras Chabbra's comment on Pavitra Punia

Pavitra Punia, who was seen in Bigg Boss 14, is in discussions about her marriage these days. His name is associated with Eijaz Khan and news of his marriage is continuously coming. Recently, Eijaz Khan had confirmed these news that he wants to spend time with Pavitra Punia. Paras Chhabra has also come in the discussions among all. Eijaz talked about Pavitra's ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra during an interview. Till now Paras has made many revelations about the actress Pavitra Punia, whom Eijaz talked about. He said, 'Everyone has a past, about which there is no point talking.'

Eijaz Khan also said, 'I have always supported Pavitra. I will not let anyone speak against her. I will try my best not to let anyone's words affect her. I will also say that I have to talk a lot to the Pavitra. We all have a past. If we go to it, then everyone has done something that they can go to jail. If you have not done anything like this, you have not seen life. I have no worries about the past of the Pavitra. I respect her. We are public figures and there will always be talk about us. It is up to us what issues we give people to discuss. It is our right to react on what and not on what. '

Pavitra Punia has already announced that the fans are going to get very good news about her and Eijaz Khan soon.

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