Abhinav Shukla gets furious over Eijaz Khan for touching his wife Rubina Dilaik

Jan 14 2021 03:43 PM
Abhinav Shukla gets furious over Eijaz Khan for touching his wife Rubina Dilaik

The Bigg Boss's latest promo has come to the fore which is very good. In this promo, Rubina is telling all the contestants to eat the right food. In the meantime, Eijaz Khan and Rahul Vaidya go against Rubina. In the meantime, the debate between the three begins. In the end, Rubina says, "I have told you all to take care of your health and now you are talking against me." Rahul says, "It doesn't look like concern". After that, Rubina is seen fighting with Eijaz in the Garden area. After that, Eijaz hit on the hands of Rubina, she said, "Don't do it again. Don't touch me without my choice." Rubina's husband, Abhinav Shukla, comes to the middle and said, "Don't come close to my wife. Don't even touch her. '



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Now it is going to be very interesting to see what happens next. While sharing this promo, the caption reads, "The debate of Eijaz and Rubina on the food. What will happen when it comes to the collision? See tonight 10. 30 o'clock." Earlier, you may have seen that Sonali Phogat, Aly Goni talks about the feeling of his new love.

On this, Aly says Sonali that he respects her feelings. Then, Rakhi explains to Sonali, 'there is nothing bad in loving anyone.' On the other hand, Aly Goni calms down Arshi and said, "Sonali Ji has a daughter, do not tell all these things about her." Now, it has to be seen what is going to happen next.

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