Elderly Kolkata Man Loses Life Savings to Online Banking Scam on KYC Update
Elderly Kolkata Man Loses Life Savings to Online Banking Scam on KYC Update

A shocking incident unfolded in Kolkata as an 83-year-old retired government official fell victim to an online scam, losing his life savings amounting to Rs.2.5 lakh. SP Sinha, a former government official residing in Thakurpukur, Kolkata, found himself ensnared in a deceitful call masquerading as a legitimate bank inquiry.

The scam began when Sinha received a call on November 11, supposedly from his bank branch, where the caller claimed to be stationed at "table number 3," the same spot Sinha usually frequented for his pension account. The imposter, posing as a bank representative, asserted the call's purpose as a verification process for Sinha's KYC (know your customer) details.

Trusting the caller's authenticity due to the familiarity of details mentioned, Sinha complied with the instructions to update his KYC information. The caller convincingly cited Sinha's account number and reassured him that despite the bank being closed for Diwali, the 'verification' section remained operational, urging Sinha to proceed with the KYC update.

Facing difficulties during the process, Sinha sought help from his 11-year-old grandson, who adeptly followed the caller's directives. However, upon concluding the call, Sinha was dismayed to find Rs.2,57,650 debited from his account. Additionally, he lost access to his fixed deposits and recurring deposits.

Authorities caution against sharing financial details over phone calls, emphasizing that banks or legitimate institutions do not initiate financial transactions through such means. In light of the escalating cybercrimes, it is crucial to comprehend the proper steps for online KYC updates or visit the bank in person.

Follow these Steps to update KYC online:

Log in to the bank's online banking portal.
Go to the "KYC" tab.
Select the "Update KYC" option.
Choose the information to update.
Make necessary changes, upload required documents, and submit.
Validate the request by entering the OTP sent to the registered mobile number.

Vigilance and adherence to secure procedures are pivotal in safeguarding personal finances against such fraudulent activities.

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