Elderly person gave innocent children to drink alcohol and cigarette, case filed
Elderly person gave innocent children to drink alcohol and cigarette, case filed

Aligarh: Innocent children are said to be given good education, but a video from Aligarh is going viral in which an old man first drinks two innocent children, then he also feeds the children and the people there are making videos of it. । The case has come to light from Bahadurpur village in Ataruli area of Aligarh.

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Two children rushed to Somvir's farm in the afternoon. Somvir then tempted to feed the children with salt and took out two bottles of wine. Then the children filled the wine in the disposable glass. Surprisingly, many people sitting there are watching the scene and imprisoned in mobiles. An educationist sitting nearby is also reportedly instigating him to drink alcohol. Then someone made the video of the whole incident viral.

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Not only that, these people did not stop there. They are also shouting slogans from the innocent about the Yogi Government. With the names of Yogis and many other leaders, he is seen encouraging children to shout slogans. After the video went viral, the matter has come up for discussion all over the village.  In the case, Superintendent of Police Grameen said that the video of drinking alcohol and beedi with children aged 3 and 4 years in Atarauli police station area has gone viral. Police have taken cognizance of the case. He also said that legal action will be taken in the matter.

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