Amit Shah in Puducherry: 'Congress workers are joining BJP'

Puducherry: With the announcement of assembly elections in West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Puducherry, politics has intensified. At this time, every team is presenting its point. Today, Home Minister Amit Shah has reached Puducherry. Here he addressed a rally in Karaikal. During this, he said, 'Congress is alleging that the BJP toppled their government here. But you had made the Chief Minister such a person who lied in front of his supreme leader even in translation, such a person was made the Chief Minister.'

Amit Shah also said here that, ''Narayanasamy's govt did the work to flush the Ganges of corruption in Puducherry. 15,000 crores were sent by the Government of India for the development of the place. Has this money come to your villages? Narayanasamy's govt sent these 15,000 crore rupees to the Gandhi family's service in Delhi. Based on my political experience, I say that the NDA government is going to be formed under the leadership of the BJP in Puducherry in the next election.'' Apart from this, he also said that 'This land of Puducherry is a very holy land. Mahakavi Subramania Bharati has resided here for a long time and when Sri Aurobindo embarked on a spiritual journey, he preferred Puducherry to carry on the journey of his future life from this place. '

Apart from this, Amit Shah also said, 'Since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, we were trying to make Puducherry a model in the whole country. The Prime Minister sent 115 more schemes for this and took steps for the all-around development of the state. But the government here did not allow these schemes to hit the ground. In his further address, he also attacked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.' He said, 'I want to ask the people of Puducherry that the party whose leader has been in the Lok Sabha for four terms does not even know that the fisheries department has started in the country for two years. Can that party do the welfare of Puducherry?' He said that the fisheries department has been formed in 2019 itself, but Rahul Gandhi was on vacation then.

Further Amit Shah also said that there is no place of merit in Congress, not only Puducherry but Congress workers are joining BJP all over the country. He wants to assure the people of Puducherry that if the NDA government is formed, when the 75 years of 2022 independence will be there, then the BJP government will do the work of providing pure drinking water from the tap to every poor house here.

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