Elephant plays Hyundai Santro like a toy car, Watch
Elephant plays Hyundai Santro like a toy car, Watch

Several instances of wild animals attacking moving vehicles have occurred. Here is another video that has gained a lot of popularity on social media. A Hyundai Santro Xing hatchback is pushed by an elephant in the video like a toy. In Guwahati, Assam, at the Narengi Military Station, the video was shot. The Santro Xing appears to have been in the parking spot when the wild elephant began pushing it.

The presence of wild elephants in this region has been documented previously. No one appears to have been inside the Santro when the elephant struck. The extent of the car's damage is unclear. When the wild elephant started pushing, the Santro's wheels turned to the right. As a result, the Santro continued to circle. The elephant's ire is unknown, as is whether or not it was provoked.

Vehicle attacks by animals become rather prevalent. A three-wheeler attack by a Wild Indian Bison was captured on camera and quickly went popular on social media. The event took place in Kerala, and it is anticipated that the three-spotlights wheelers agitated the Wild Indian Bison. Another incident involving an elephant attacking a Honda Amaze occurred in Hasanurm, Karnataka.

When a wild animal is nearby, one should always keep a safe distance. These animals are extremely sensitive to even the smallest sounds, like the clatter of diesel engines, flashing lights, unexpected movements, music, and horns. The animal can become alarmed and believe the person is about to assault it. As a result, the animal may assault the car. It is better to pull over to the side and wait for a herd or other wild animal to move on if one ever encounters one.

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