Elon Musk claims that acquiring Twitter will advance the development of a everything app

USA: Elon Musk claims that acquiring Twitter Inc. will accelerate development of "X, the Everything App", which means he is looking to expand the capabilities of the social media platform he is trying to take private. Used to be.

In his first statement to the public after the revival plans to pay about US$44 billion for Twitter, Musk called the acquisition "an accelerator" to build a multipurpose app.

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Musk has expressed his desire to make Twitter more functional, saying that he wants it to replace WeChat, a messaging app that's hugely popular in China, and TikTok, a Chinese-owned video-sharing app that's widely used in the US. has become popular. ,

He compared them to so-called super apps, which are very common in parts of Asia and allow users to use a single smartphone application for a variety of services, including messaging and other forms of communication, ordering food and calling a car. Huh.

During Tesla Inc.'s annual shareholder meeting in August, Musk emphasized how often he uses Twitter and that he has ideas for "fundamentally" improving it. He compared his goals for Twitter to his vision for X, a company he co-founded in 1999 that provided financial services.

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Musk acknowledged that he had a "grand vision" for what X.com or X Corporation might have been in the past. This is a very ambitious goal, and it can certainly be accomplished from scratch, but in my opinion, Twitter will accelerate it in three to five years. This is something that will be very useful to the world, he continued.

Musk informed Twitter's board that the potential acquisition drew attention Tuesday that he is willing to maintain the end of the deal and pay US$54.20 per share. Musk had previously tried to back away from the agreement, which was initially signed in April, by claiming that Twitter had misled him about the proliferation of automated accounts known as "bots." Later this month, a Delaware court will hear a legal battle that aims to force Musk to complete the transaction.

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Twitter has confirmed that it has received Musk's correspondence and plans to proceed with the offer at an already agreed share price of US$54.20. The plans have not yet been completed.

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