Elon Musk to give reward of Rs 730 crore

Jan 22 2021 03:23 PM
Elon Musk to give reward of Rs 730 crore

New Delhi: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc., the world's largest electric car maker, and SpaceX, has announced a reward of $100 million (Rs 730 crore) to promote carbon capture technology that reduces CO2 emissions. According to media reports, reducing planet-warming emissions to prevent climate change is becoming an integral part of many schemes, but as on date, much less progress has been made in technology, focusing on cutting emissions instead of extracting carbon from the air.

Among the richest personalities in the world, Musk has announced this in view of the growing carbon emissions in the world. He took to his social media handle Twitter Thursday and wrote, "I am donating 100 million dollars for the best technology to reduce carbon emissions". In another tweet, he said that he will give full information in this regard next week.

Musk's announcement was followed by a big stir on social media. Since being shared a few hours ago, millions of people have 'liked' this tweet and thousands of comments have arrived. Most of them have appealed to musk to plant more trees.


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