Encounter breaks out between drug mafia and security forces, 19 people killed
Encounter breaks out between drug mafia and security forces, 19 people killed

Mexico: There are reports of 19 people killed in an encounter in Mexico between drug mafia and security personnel. According to the information, this encounter took place on the border of Northwest Mexico. Earlier, on behalf of the administration, it was said that 14 people died in the encounter. Cohila Governor Miguel Angel Requis Solis has said that four police officers, 2 civilians and 13 suspected drug mafias have been reported dead in this encounter, while 6 people have been injured.

The governor said the shootout lasted for about an hour. The encounter took place at Villa Union Town near Eagle Pass, Texas. The administration says 14 vehicles and weapons have been seized. He said that criminal organizations were trying to enter the city of Kohila for a long time. The governor said that organized crime, mainly the Cartel del Norste, attempts to enter the Kohila every day. But today, the security personnel got into an encounter with them.

The Governor said that we will not allow organized crime to flourish in our area under any circumstances. Let us tell you that this encounter happened after the US President's statement that he said that he will declare Mexico's criminal groups as terrorist organizations. But Mexico's government rejected Trump's proposal. Trump had proposed to Mexico that the US would assist them to wage war against these groups.

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