Encounter between police and miscreants, fierce firing took place
Encounter between police and miscreants, fierce firing took place

There was a police encounter between drug and arms smugglers who were fleeing after breaking the block near village Satakheda on National Highway-54 in Sirsa, Haryana. As soon as the smugglers saw the police, they started firing. The police team also chased them in the village and retaliated. During this, a miscreant got badly injured. The police have captured the injured driver and his other companion along with the car, while the two miscreants escaped after getting the opportunity.

Now reports say that a block was also set up by the anti-safety team near village Saktakheda situated on NH-54. The police also tried to stop the XUV vehicle coming on the highway late at night. Seeing the police, the miscreants drove away the car and entered village Sakta Kheda. The police team chased the miscreants. Meanwhile, the miscreants started firing on the police from the streets of the village. Let us tell you that the car driver was shot in retaliation by the police. As soon as they got the opportunity, two miscreants got out of the car and ran towards the fields. While two miscreants were caught by the police. The police is now busy interrogating the accused. Police also found a pistol and two cartridges from the car.

An atmosphere of panic was created in the village, the police kept chasing them for two hours: Not only this, there was an atmosphere of panic in the village during the encounter between the miscreants and the police. The police kept chasing the miscreants for a long time. However, no villager was harmed during this period. The police showed promptness and caught two miscreants along with the XUV vehicle. The police took both the miscreants and the XUV vehicle to the police station. The vehicles of police and miscreants were completely damaged. It is being told that the miscreants are from Kakhawali, Dabwali and Punjab areas. 

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