Enhance the beauty of your nails with this tips

Long nails of girls add to the polytheism of their hands. Applying an attractive nail polish on it makes the colour bloom even more on them. If the nails of girls are beautiful, the beauty of the fingers takes four moons. In today's time, there is a practice of having long nails. If they are not taken care of properly, the nails are broken. You must eat proper food to increase your nails and prevent them from breaking down. If you also want to increase, these tips can help you make them bigger.

Nail Enlargement Measures-

* Regularnail cleaning. Foods rich in vitamin B7 strengthen nails. Vitamin B7 we get in pulses and vegetables.

* The main reason why nails are small is not eating properly and hormonal changes. If the nails are to be increased, the thyroid test should be done first.

* Massaging with coconut oil, olive oil or alum strengthens the nails.

* Eating fish and milk also makes the nails healthy, with vitamins A, potassium, phosphorus in sufficient quantities.

* Consume more raw vegetables in the form of eggs, legumes and salads. The zinc found in them in sufficient quantity strengthens the nails.

* Sometimes fungal infections, water y-season effects cause nails to break. If the nails are breaking even after proper care, increase the amount of nutrient sustenance.

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