Enjoy the beauty of Kashmir and let go all the tension

Sep 17 2018 02:38 PM
Enjoy the beauty of Kashmir and let go  all the tension

The large beautiful mountains around and the clouds colliding with them, the river passing through the valley and the river flowing along the road gives a very breathtaking view. Jammu and Kashmir is such a place where you can experience the beauty of nature. You must have heard about Kashmir, but when you reach there, seeing the natural beauty around you not believe how beautiful nature can be. Travelling to Sonalgah and Gulmarg as well as Pahalgam is not less than a dream.

People often think that visiting Kashmir is not safe in terms of security, but this is not exactly the case. As far as you look, you will see just the beauty. The people here are also very good. Are very friendly. They look forward to any help, and most importantly, do not let you feel that you are in a different place. There is everything that is needed for a true nature lover.

The natural beauty here is unique, as well as the ability to enchant anyone at the moment. This tourist destination is world famous and there is a small town in Jammu and Kashmir which comes in Anantnag district and is located 43 km away from Anantnag. This Liddar river flows through the middle of the town and beautiful gardens made in the valley. The magnificent mountains surrounded by the valley, the spiral roads between the valley and the river Liddar flowing simultaneously on the road which gives a spectacular view.


Seeing the beautiful gardens and grasslands here, it gives a peace to the eyes. It is absolutely perfect. Bettut Valley and Chandanwadi are also a place to visit. The road to Chandanwadi was very beautiful from Bettut Valley, the way is covered with snow on several hills. Plenty of greenery is spread all over the valley, all these scenes were enough to bring a supernatural peace to the eyes and mind. Apart from this, the interest of catching golf and fish in Pahalgam also remains a moment of enjoyment. 

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