Enjoy the holidays at these cool places in the winter season

Villages have also transformed into cities in the recent era. However, there are settlements in certain regions nowadays where the beauty of flora and natural surroundings will enchant your imagination. Today, we'll tell you about a community in India known as the "Last Village."

This settlement is located on the India-Tibet border. Chhitkul is the name of the settlement. All around you can see snow-capped mountain ranges. Furthermore, there is a lot of flora here. This is the greatest place to spend your summer holidays. You may enjoy your vacation here in solitude, despite the cold.


The sun's shadow may be seen glittering like pearls in the river at Chitkul village. This settlement lies at an elevation of 3450 metres above sea level. This village is renowned as the last village in India since it is located on the boundary between India and Tibet.

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