Enjoy the taste of 'Puttu Payaru'

Jul 29 2016 02:37 PM
Enjoy the taste of 'Puttu Payaru'


Puttu flour - 2 cups

Fresh coconut gratings - 2 cups

Salt - 1 teaspoon

Green Gram - 1 cup

Salt - 1/2 teaspoon


1. Add the puttu flour in a big bowl and salt. Sprinkle little warm water and mix well. If you hold the flour in your palm and press, it should be like a ball and put it back, it should fall loosely. This is the correct texture for making puttu.

2. Take the Puttu kuzhal (tube) and start filling it with one tablespoon coconut gratings and two tablespoons of puttu flour. Repeat this till the Puttu kuzhal is filled upto the top of the mould. Close the mould with lid and steam it for ten minutes.

3. Using a long thin metal rod, push it from the bottom and remove the puttu from the mould.

4. If you do not have the mould, then just mix the coconut gratings with puttu flour and put it in idli plate and steam it in the idli cooker.

Serve !

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