Entrepreneur & Publicist Shruti Dahibavkar cutting through the noise of image making

Oct 26 2020 03:19 PM
Entrepreneur & Publicist Shruti Dahibavkar cutting through the noise of image making

Maintain your relations with everyone, cause a man is known by the company he keeps. Public relations is one of the key digital marketing & branding component in the modern world. A PR professional can make or mar an individual or company’s brand image. Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates very precisely stressed on the importance of publicity and PR saying that, “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.”Shruti Dahibavkar, the PR lady, solemnly agrees to Bill gates as she has emerged as the most prominent female entrepreneur holding on to her varied clientele with her strong expertise and skills deployed in right direction for image making. 
Shruti hails from the city of dreams, from working as an entertainment publicist; she excelled and valiantly took the role of PR executive with Spice PR, the leading entertainment PR companies in Mumbai. Her penchant for media and entertainment in combination with her diligence & hard work yielded positive outcome. Today Shruti Dahibavkar is a proud entrepreneur at such a young age of 25. Shruti’s mantra is simple, she makes the brands famous and talk of the town, rest will take care of itself. 

Shruti shares her experiences stating, “The whole cycle of carrying on with life as a PR entrepreneur is improving and testing simultaneously. You appreciate opportunity yet need to confront this present reality as well. Emerging from my usual range of familiarity and combating my instabilities were two gigantic undertakings that came directly before me before I chose to leave my place of employment. Battling despite seemingly insurmountable opposition, today I gladly consider myself a PR entrepreneur who is eager to have a little effect in all conceivable manners.”Shruti believes in delivering more in fewer resources. Utilizing optimal resources, she crafts, evaluates and make over the image of a particular brand or an individual. Her PR tactics centre around one important statement, that a future PR entrepreneur will be less concerned with saying what they will deliver and more concerned with delivering irrespective of resources. 

In this short span of successful carrier Shruti has worked with who’s who of Bollywood, and top notch media influencers. Everyone loves to carry out the job in his/her shell but Shruti believes in going beyond. She broke the mould and stepped into Gujarati film Industry as PR strategist and Image building consultant. The story has created ripples on internet as Shruti successfully managed to work alongside bigwigs of the industry, the list includes Ankur Bhatia, Khushi Shah, Jatin Sarna & Director Rehan Chaudhary. Shruti Dahibavkar creates story by creating multiples for her clients.

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