Entrepreneur Joe Zago's Take on Journey Of Success.

Born in 1975 to the parents of John and Penny Zago who were both local high school teachers in a Detroit area suburb, Joe Zago's journey to success has been quite inspirational. The well-known television spokesman and founder of The Carpet Guys who was also named as an EY Entrepreneur of The Year has worked his way up to success and today the renowned personality is loved by everyone. Selected at the 2022 keynote speaker at the Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for ethics in business, Joe Zago has surely set an example for youth.

The life he is leading today hasn't been handed over to him on a silver platter. Throughout his childhood, Joe was often in the juvenile court system and eventually severed just under 4 years in a residential boarding school for troubled teens.  On asking him further about his struggles during his childhood, he says, " After years and years of having trouble with the law and misbehaving, I became an alcoholic which cost me my career, my relationships with significant others and everything that one builds up over years." Adding to it he also said, " At 35 years old I found myself homeless with no driver's license, no money, no job, and no car. " At this very moment, Joe found a 12-step recovery program known as Alcoholics Anonymous which helped him to get rid of his addiction.

Reportedly he did have a moment of relapse however his mental strength to get back to his form and work harder for himself pushed him back to his game and today Joe is one of the most prominent personalities we have.

His journey of success has allowed him to show himself up as a better son to his dad, a better leader within my multiple businesses, a more respected leader and contributor within my local communities, and a more generous caring person here on Earth. Joe Zago is still working hard to be an example and be righteous and we are sure that over the years, with his experiential knowledge, Joe is going to be the reason why the youth are going to get a remarkable future.

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