Entrepreneur Khushwant Singh: A Young and influential brand strategist
Entrepreneur Khushwant Singh: A Young and influential brand strategist

“I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.” -Jeff Bezos. Entrepreneurs are defying traditional marketing tactics by coming up with innovative products and services. They invest a lot of time and attention to their products rather than bundling inferior products and combining them with lucrative marketing. Entrepreneurship is about building a brand and growing it until it reaches the pinnacle of the industry. Mr. Khushwant Singh knows his craft and is an adept entrepreneur based in India. At the young age of just 22 years, when college graduates are running helter-skelter for internships and jobs, he is a full-fledged entrepreneur.

Life wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for Mr. Khushwant Singh, and he had a modest childhood. He hails from a middle-class family and is very determined about expanding his business. On asking about his childhood experiences and the reason he chose to set foot in entrepreneurship, he says, "I don't hate our education system, but the thought saddens me that it only makes us workers and not owners. It is advisable to transform from a worker to an owner at some point in your life. At the age of 12, I was just another kid with no dreams about my future and a negligent approach towards my career. Call it an epiphany or a vision, but I found myself inquisitive about entrepreneurship and how much raw potential it holds in it."

While brick-and-mortar businesses are here to stay, online business and marketing are still an unexplored field in India. Mr. Khushwant Singh realized its efficacy a long time back at the age of seventeen and tried to learn online marketing nuances. He is a self-taught entrepreneur who has faced downfalls and failures more times than he can count. He explains his journey by saying, "Entrepreneurship is a fancy word. I was obsessed with the word, the power that it holds. I consider myself fortunate to have explored it at such an early age. I'm heavily invested in books on entrepreneurship. It the key reason behind my success because I love to explore the mistakes of big-league industry titans and learn from them. I have experienced a fair share of letdowns and rejections, but they only bolstered my confidence to succeed in the industry."

Mr. Khushwant Singh leveraged the power of e-commerce amid the lockdown imposed by the Indian government amid the pandemic. He tried to ease the obstructing factors of traditional e-commerce that spewed trouble for many leading businesses with no means of selling their products using the internet. His latest collaboration which is making news in the industry is with a prominent cosmetic brand GuFo. Their venture aims at creating cosmetic products that help consumers with their dermatological issues and help them achieve healthy, vibrant skin. He is determined to share his thoughts with budding entrepreneurs worldwide and is currently working on his untitled book, set to release this year.

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