Entrepreneur Kurtis L Greene Has An Encouraging Message To Aspiring Dreamers

May 11 2021 09:42 AM
Entrepreneur Kurtis L Greene Has An Encouraging Message To Aspiring Dreamers

Kurtis L Greene originally from Boston MA, is a entrepreneur, a growing business man, a fitness enthusiast and the epitome of kindness. He is the founder of Purpose Driven Apparel. With his work, Kurtis wants to spread the message of humanity and self-love to the masses. He aims to bring a lot of positive change to the world. He wants people to find their true self to unlock the best version of themselves possible. 

In the simplest words, Greene shares the idea behind starting his brand. He says, "I wanted to create something unique, something authentic with a deep reasoning and meaning behind it, something people could really connect on a human level with". For Mr. Greene, reaching this level of peace and compassion towards others wasn't easy. He loves success but doesn't want to get carried away with it. He wants the best life for himself and wants everyone to achieve their own level of personal success and happiness. But there were times when he would feel dejected and not enough. To overcome these thoughts, the entrepreneur has worked very hard.

When asked if he had thoughts on giving up in his career, Kurtis L Greene said, " So many times, especially coming from my background with nothing trying to make something of yourself, you sometimes fall into self-doubt and negative self-talk. You doubt if you really have what it takes to make it but quitting is the only sure way to never get there." For anyone who wants to start a business and lead a positive life, Kurtis L Greene is an amazing example. The entrepreneur has shown how one can accomplish their goals with positivity, confidence, patience and self-belief. Kurtis has an encouraging message to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be successful and follow their dreams.

"No matter what you wish to pursue in life, just go for it because there will never be a more perfect time than now. Be a student of the game and learn everything about the industry or profession of your interest. Give 100% and always believe in yourself and your abilities," says the founder of Purpose Driven Apparel. 

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