10 lakh people get new jobs in September, EPFO releases data
10 lakh people get new jobs in September, EPFO releases data

New Delhi: One million people have got new jobs in the month of September. According to data released by EPFO, more than one million people have come on pay-roll in September. In July and August, 6,68,384 and 7,19,116 people came on the payroll respectively but their number has increased in September. Meanwhile, the EPFO has dismissed the reports which said that the number of companies registering in EPFO is decreasing rapidly. The EPFO said that such reports coming in the media are not true.

According to media reports, there has been a steep decline in business establishments registering for EPFO in October. It has fallen by 30,800 in October as compared to September. This means that employment is not increasing. Let the EPFO manage the PF of the employees. It is clear from these figures that companies are not able to recover from the corona epidemic and because of this they are constantly removing employees from jobs. EPFO says that registration has increased, not decreased. The news about this in the media is baseless.

Media reports quoting EPFO data said that in September the number of registered companies in EPFO was 5,04,044, but in September it decreased to 5,34,869. This is the first time since May. Things were improving after May, but it decreased in October. The number of EPF members has also decreased. That is, less people are contributing to the EPF now.

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