Escalating Houthi Attacks Pose Maritime Security Threat
Escalating Houthi Attacks Pose Maritime Security Threat

Houthis Step Up Attacks: Target Cargo Ship and US Warship: In the latest escalation of hostilities, the Houthis have increased their attacks, with U.S. Central Command reporting multiple assaults repelled by U.S. and coalition forces in the past day. This follows a warning from Houthi spokesperson Yahya Saree, indicating a determination to escalate despite coalition opposition.

Today, Saree claimed responsibility for targeting the Israeli ship MSC Silver in the Gulf of Aden. He stated that the attack utilized naval missiles.

Security analysts confirm reports of an attack on a cargo ship bound for Somalia. The targeted vessel, MSC Silver II, registered in Liberia and managed by MSC Shipmanagement, was reportedly undamaged. It is now docked in Berbera, Somalia, having diverted from its route due to security concerns.

U.S. and coalition forces engaged in a series of confrontations overnight, with reports of downed drones launched from Yemen. While Houthi claims of hitting American ships were denied by CENTCOM, the USS Laboon successfully intercepted an anti-ship cruise missile.

Despite the coalition's efforts to thwart attacks, Saree vows to continue targeting Israeli, American, and British interests in retaliation for strikes on Houthi positions in Yemen. However, he has not acknowledged French or EU initiatives aimed at bolstering maritime security in the region.

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