Ess Arr Enterprises - Jaideep Bakshi sets an example for India

Sep 15 2020 01:26 PM
Ess Arr Enterprises - Jaideep Bakshi sets an example for India

Just a few years back, India was dependent on companies from other countries to supply it with precious Fire Fighting Equipment, CCTV and HVAC.This causes the country to spend a lot of money - money that goes outside of the country, away from us Indians. Being dependent on other countries hurts our finances and gives India the image of not being self sufficient. But now, India has a son who can supply all these materials. His work is so impressive, that companies from outside of India approach him for business and appreciate all his hard work. 

Jaideep Bakshi is the man we're talking about; he is the owner of Ess Arr Enterprises - it is based out of Noida. He started his journey working with Chinese firms and today his one of many accolades include working with the Ministry of Defence. The Governments of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Tamil Nadu, all have acknowledged Jaideep's noteworthy work.Many people look for personal gain when running a business and take advantage of the unsuspecting, they quote higher prices - they start selling their products and services for more than it actually is worth, because they know the other person needs it.The work which other companies asked ₹400 million for, Jaideep completed the exact same work in ₹190 million. 

Jaideep started his career working with Hipad, a firm based out of Noida sector 63. He never looked back and kept on working hard to the best of his abilities. His work and dedication started gaining a highly deserved reputation. He has done tremendous work, from working with Hipad to working with the biggest mobile company in the world - Foxconn. 

He has also worked with big names like Oppo, Vivo, Apetech, Neilson, LG and Samsung. Not only did he work with them, but he also gave these big companies invaluable suggestions, which saved their money and also worked in the favour of India. He is one of the few truthful ones in the business. He serves the country's best interests and when he works with his international clients he helps in making India proud. 

If everyone started working and carrying themselves like Jaideep; if everyone started dedicating their brains and knowledge for India - like Jaideep does - and worked for the country, India would become the strongest, unstoppable force.

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