Estrogen keeps you away from depression post a heart failure

Aug 12 2018 04:04 PM
Estrogen keeps you away from depression post a heart failure

Estrogen, considered under the category of androgens, is a sex hormone found in females.

As per the studies made regarding the same, it has been postulated that estrogen helps you battle the depression that comes post a heart failure. It prevents the secretion of chemicals that cause inflammation in the brain.


 It has been informed that the people who have battled a heart failure and have also survived it tend to be attacked by depression more than any other individual.


This depression, post a heart failure, increases inflammation in the brain.

In the University of Ottawa, a Heart Institute and Brain and Mind Institute in Canada, studies were made on a rat model, based on heart failure after a heart attack.

It was observed that adult female rats without ovaries mimicked menopause. They were compared to adult males and adult females that had ovaries.

The animals were observed based on various experiments that considered behavior, learning, memory and also their ability to experience pleasure.
The male rats were diagnosed with depression but not the female rats.

Since the female rats had estrogen, hence they did not face depression.

Similarly, human females have estrogen, therefore they do not face depression post a heart attack, while males do.

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