Women here do such work to look beautiful

Everyone in the world wants that they look beautiful. People use a variety of cosmetics products to enhance their beauty. Not only this, many people also resort to cosmetic surgery to make the face attractive. Today we will tell you about the girls of a particular tribe, whose beauty scale is completely different from the world and also interesting.

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The people of Suri tribe of Ethiopia consider very wide lips as a sign of beauty. When the girls of this community are older, two teeth below their mouths are removed. About 16 inches wide piece of wood or clay is stuck in the lower lips. The larger the piece that is stuck in the girl's mouth, the more beautiful that girl is considered. But you might find it a bit strange to hear this, although the very large lips in the Suri tribe of Ethiopia are considered a sign of beauty. This tradition has been going on for centuries in the Suri tribe. Lip plate has great importance in these tribes.

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The larger the size of the plate placed in the girl's lips, the more cows her father gets in dowry. According to the tradition of Suri tribes, there is a possibility of getting more dowry when the girl's lip disc size is bigger during marriage. The father of a small plate girl demands about 40 cows in dowry and the father of a girl with a large plate demands about 60 cows.

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