EU's big action, ban cyber spies of these countries including China

Jul 31 2020 04:15 PM
EU's big action, ban cyber spies of these countries including China

WASHINGTON: The European Union has taken major action regarding increasing cyber-attacks. The European Union has targeted Russia, China and North Korea by imposing cyber restrictions. The union has made serious accusations against organizations including Russian military agents, Chinese cyber spies and North Korean firms. The European Union has banned six people and three groups, including the GRU Military Intelligence Agency of Russia.

In a statement issued by the EU headquarters, they have been held responsible for the 'WannaCry' ransware, 'NotPetya' malware and 'Cloud Hopper' cyber espionage in 2017. EU Foreign Policy head Josep Borel said on Thursday that there are restrictions on travel and provision of confiscation of property under the ban. Under this, there is a provision of not giving funding to the accused people and institutions. In this case, four Russian people have been identified as GRU members.

These Russian citizens are accused of hacking the Wi-Fi network of the Organization of the Netherlands, the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons or the OPCW. This organization is investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria. However, the attack on the Wi-Fi network in 2018 was thwarted by the Netherlands authorities.

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