This woman died while enjoying at Europe's biggest Sex festival!

Jul 10 2019 04:42 PM
This woman died while enjoying at Europe's biggest Sex festival!

Europe's biggest sex festival in England was held last week. About 700 swingers from different sexual choices participated in the festival. Many people come to participate, and this is extremely widespread. For three days of the festival, people paid up to Rs 35 thousand. A woman has also died in the recent festival.

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According to information, a 52-year-old female swinger who attended the festival is reported to have suffered a heart attack during sex. She was later taken to hospital. where she died. The festival was attended by all sexual choice people, including LGBT. Swingfield is the only Swingers Festival in England, the organiser of the festival.

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According to reports, the organisers of the Swingfield Festival came to know about the incident after the heart attack. The woman was immediately taken to a nearby hospital. Where the woman's treatment also began. But in the meantime, she died. This festival is also a video in which you can see what kind of arrangement is made. You can see that the festival was held in tents in the open sky. The three-day festival under the tent concluded.

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