This Hollywood actress gets upset over being called old

Feb 27 2020 02:56 PM
This Hollywood actress gets upset over being called old

Hollywood's famous actress Eva Mendes in today's time. She always remains in the headlines due to her films and talks. Actress Eva Mendes says that she is not at all upset with the troll in which she has been called old or adult. According to foreign media reports, about a week after being trolled, the 45-year-old actress has revealed that such things do not matter to her.

Mendes told foreign media, "I want to say something to the person that I have felt. See, whatever you mean, but I didn't mind it, although you did it in a kind of insult Only said that. He further said, "Let us tell you that I take this as a compliment, because today I am still here after so many years."

Eva further said, "Instead of saying that I am 46, I would like to say that I have 46 years, because in Spanish it is very beautiful, ie do not say that I am 46 but Think that I have 46 years of experience and this thinking makes me feel very strong. " Mendes faced criticism when he shared a clip of his new hairstyle on social media.

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