Father was left alone even after 5 sons and 1 daughter, strangled his 65-year-old wife

Indore: A 70-year-old man killed his 65-year-old wife due to a family dispute. After that, he himself also committed suicide. The deceased couple has four sons and a daughter. It is reported that there was a dispute going on between the husband and wife. The quarrel escalated so much that the husband could not control his anger and strangled his wife. Later he also hanged himself.

The case pertains to the Lasudia police station area. The deceased have been identified as Dhan Singh (70) and Jamnabai (65), residents of Scheme No. 78. According to police, the family consists of four sons of the elderly couple Deepak, Santosh, Rajkumar and Manoj. There is a daughter, who is married in Malviya Nagar. All four sons work in furniture. Dhan Singh had the work of a carpenter in the Vijay Nagar area. Even after having four sons, he was not able to share his stress with anyone. He used to work himself and run his household. It is also learned that a few days ago the wife had filed a case against the husband in the police station. It is being said that the husband beats her. Don't keep it at home. Due to this, she started living with her middle son Deepak. In the incident, the police had talked about calling the police station and giving advice.

The eldest son Deepak had taken his father Dhan Singh with him. On Thursday, Dhan Singh called his son Manoj and took everyone's location and reached Deepak's house and killed his wife Jamna Bai. and later, he hanged himself. His son Deepak said in the interrogation that the father had received a call in the afternoon. But he couldn't go to work. In the evening, the news of the death of the parents was received. There had been a rift between his mother and father for some time. They tried hard to explain, but they didn't agree. The younger son Manoj said that after his separation from the house, the father used to quarrel with his mother several times in a drunken state and also beat her 8 days ago. I had told my elder brother Deepak and Rajkumar that father should not kill my mother any day. Due to his father's actions, his mother was also very afraid of him. She asked her to take her with her several times, but she did not agree to leave her father at this age. Even in the quarrel a few days ago, after much persuasion by the brothers, the mother started living with them.

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