Even after being illiterate, Lalita won the hearts of fans with her acting in films

Lalita Pawar, one of the famous actresses of the 80s, was born on this day i.e. on 18 April 1916 in Nashik. Lalita won everyone's heart by acting in many movies and TV serials in her career. Lalita Pawar's most popular character was that of Manthara in 'Ramayana'. Lalita Pawar worked in all the movies and always got to hear the discussions about her beauty. Lalita had become the highest paid actress in her time.

Lalita Pawar was born into a fanatical family. His father Laxman Rao Shagun was a wealthy businessman who also used to do silk and cotton business. The story of Lalita Pawar's birth is also very interesting. His mother Anusuya was pregnant and had gone to the temple of Amba Devi. Then he felt pain and Lalita was born outside the temple. Lalita was earlier named Ambika as she was born in the temple of Amba Devi. Lalita could never go to school because at that time she did not think it good to send girls to school. Lalita started working in movies as a child artist. Lalita had acted in a silent movie for the first time. He was given 18 rupees for this movie.

During that time it was not said good for girls to work in movies. Heroines used to do their own stunts and were also recognized as bold according to that time. Lalita Pawar was a good actress as well as a good singer. The journey of success continued continuously that one day her beauty should not be noticed by anyone. In 1942, Lalita was shooting for a scene in the film Jang-e-Azadi.

Actor Bhagwan Dada was supposed to slap Lalita. He slapped Lalita so hard that she fell down. Lalita Pawar's right side of the body was paralyzed due to some wrong medicine given by the doctor. His right eye shrunk completely and his face was disfigured. Lalita Pawar again made a comeback in films with a blind eye. This time he started getting mostly character roles. This actress, who showed her acting skills in 700 movies in her career, said goodbye to the world on 24 February 1998.

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