Events in Afghan raise queries about use of terrorism to change State structure: Rajnath Singh

Amid the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan because of Taliban takeover, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said that violent radical forces attempting to gain legitimacy by creating new normals. The developments in Afghanistan raised queries about role of power politics and the use of terrorism as a tool to change State structures and behaviour, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said.

In an address at the National Defence College, the defence Minster also said that there has been growing realisation of India's concerns over Pakistan's support to radical and terror groups. He said the turmoil caused in the region has been brought about by "aggressive designs" and the active support to non-State players by irresponsible States.

"Today, the world is witness to the destabilising effects of terror and the especially dangerous precedence of violent radical forces attempting to gain legitimacy by creating new normals," he said, adding that there is a widespread realisation amongst all responsible nations over the need to come together against the common challenges.

"The recent events in Afghanistan have reinforced the reality of our times. The only certainty about evolving geopolitics is its uncertainty. Changes in State boundaries may not be as frequent today," he said.

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